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The mission of the Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association is to promote and advance the game of baseball by providing educational opportunities for coaches and student athletes through interscholastic competition, instilling ethical coaching methods, and recognizing the outstanding efforts in high school baseball in the state of Missouri.

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The mission of the Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association is to bring attention to the accomplishments of high school baseball players and coaches in the state of Missouri and recognize their outstanding efforts in the game of baseball.

Constitution and Bylaws of the Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association

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MHSBCA 2013-2015 Executive Committee

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It is my pleasure to serve as your president of the MHSBCA. I feel compelled to continue the tradition of commitment, foresight, stewardship, and awareness that I have witnessed from many officers of the past who have served this association very well. Our mission is clear: to promote and advance high school baseball in Missouri for the coaches and players as well as recognize their outstanding efforts

I want to listen to your concerns and ideas on how to improve high school baseball in Missouri. It is important to understand others’ perspectives because I realize I am a head coach at a 5A school and need to cultivate a unified high school baseball community for all classes in Missouri, large or small. Just in the past few years, a number of issues have changed such as expanding to five classes, extra games added to the regular season schedule, and jamborees (for 2014). These positive changes occurred because many coaches became involved and worked with each other (and with MSHSAA).

So I persuade you to transition from a member who receives information to a member who attends clinics and meetings. This is where you can voice your perspectives and ideas. If you are already attending clinics and meetings, then I persuade you to increase your involvement and consider serving on a committee or helping facilitate one of our programs. We can always use your help!

I followed a similar path and was motivated to become more involved as the years went by because I witnessed others serving the association in a way that paved a better road. I helped with the rankings process, then became president elect, and am now serving as president for the next two years. If you are not currently a member, there are many benefits such as professional growth, support from a network of peers, recognition for your players, and exposure to a variety of resources and people beyond the high school level. Please keep in mind that you must be a member to attend our yearly coaches’ clinic, vote, and…

As a member of the MHSBCA, you automatically become a member of the BCA (the National High School Baseball Coaches Association). It’s a great deal for $50. BCA benefits include the national coaches’ clinic, coaching instructional material mailings, and $1,000,000 liability coverage for all members. It would be a tremendous help for our executive secretary, Janet Seamon, to get your membership dues and registration fee in early for the MHSBCA Clinic that will be on January 17-19, 2014 in Jefferson City.

In closing, I want to remind you we are all leaders in some capacity. “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. The more you strive to become a servant leader for your team, the farther you extend your reach to the young people you connect with. We are all trying to teach our young people how to find and fulfill their purpose. Be a source of clarity and certainty; provide valuable information and teach meaningful lessons that will allow your players to pursue excellence. The Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association will help you in this process. How lucky can we be?

Yours in Baseball,

John Meyer

Business Teacher/Department Head

Marquette High School



Cell: 314.610.5035

MHSBCA: www.mhsbca.net

NHSBCA: www.baseballcoaches.org

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